Mexico Cruises 2018 - 2019

Mexico is iconic landscapes, bright flavors and breath-taking archaeological sites ready to be discovered on a cruise.


Mexico cruises are the ultimate way to escape the daily grind. Glittering turquoise waters, swaying palm trees and soft sandy beaches await you on board your dream cruise vacation to Mexico. Treat yourself to delectable cuisine, immerse yourself in charming local cultures and Mexican traditions, and take a step back in time as you discover some of the world’s most ancient Mayan sites.

Cruise to Mexico to indulge in some fabulous retail therapy and shop til’ you drop both on board and at glamorous cruise destinations such as Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta. Embark on the cruise vacation of a lifetime to Mexico from Galveston, New Orleans or Tampa on board Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line.

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Our Recommendations
  Gulf of Mexico Cruises
Spectacular George Town 8-Day Excursion
Spectacular George Town 8-Day Excursion
7 Nights with the Celebrity Edge
 December 2018
p.p.from $1881
8-Day Trip to Sensational Costa Maya
8-Day Trip to Sensational Costa Maya
7 Nights with the Celebrity Edge
 April 2019
p.p.from $1332
Stunning Fort Lauderdale with Celebrity Edge
Stunning Fort Lauderdale with Celebrity Edge
7 Nights with the Celebrity Edge
 January 2019 - April 2020
p.p.from $1132
Discover Wonderful Los Angeles from Los Angeles
Discover Wonderful Los Angeles from Los Angeles
9 Nights with the Celebrity Eclipse
 November 2019
p.p.from $1405
Breathtaking Costa Maya Excursion with Celebrity Cruises
Breathtaking Costa Maya Excursion with Celebrity Cruises
7 Nights with the Celebrity Equinox
 June 2019 - April 2020
p.p.from $831
  Mexican Riviera Cruises
Colorful Santiago de Chile from San Francisco with Insignia
Colorful Santiago de Chile from San Francisco with Insignia
22 Nights with the Insignia
 January 2020
p.p.from $8099
Experience Vibrant Cartagena from Los Angeles
Experience Vibrant Cartagena from Los Angeles
19 Nights with the Norwegian Gem
 January 2019
p.p.from $1574
Iconic Cabo San Lucas with Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Iconic Cabo San Lucas with Regent Seven Seas Cruises
18 Nights with the Seven Seas Mariner
 May 2020
p.p.from $11099
Discover Historic Mazatlàn 8-Day Expedition
Discover Historic Mazatlàn 8-Day Expedition
7 Nights with the ms Eurodam
 October 2018 - November 2019
p.p.from $804
Sailing from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle with ms Amsterdam
Sailing from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle with ms Amsterdam
20 Nights with the ms Amsterdam
 May 2020
p.p.from $3454
  Hot Deals
Experience Spectacular Grand Cayman from Miami
Experience Spectacular Grand Cayman from Miami
7 Nights with the Carnival Conquest
 May 2019 - April 2020
p.p.from $555
Explore Stunning Cozumel from New Orleans
Explore Stunning Cozumel from New Orleans
5 Nights with the Carnival Triumph
 May 2018 - February 2019
p.p.from $351
10-Day Sail to Glorious Puerto Limón
10-Day Sail to Glorious Puerto Limón
9 Nights with the Carnival Valor
 February 2019
p.p.from $1102
Delightful Cozumel from New Orleans 5-Day Adventure
Delightful Cozumel from New Orleans 5-Day Adventure
4 Nights with the Carnival Valor
 May 2019 - May 2020
p.p.from $317
Wonderful Cozumel from New Orleans 6-Day Sail
Wonderful Cozumel from New Orleans 6-Day Sail
5 Nights with the Carnival Valor
 May 2019 - April 2020
p.p.from $337
Cozumel, Mexicofrom

Cozumel, a tropical island located off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, is one of the world’s top cruise destinations. With its glittering turquoise waters, bright white beaches and exotic marine life, the idyllic island is popular for snorkeling, diving and swimming with dolphins.

Cozumel has a well-established tourist industry. Cruise passengers will have plenty of opportunities for water sports, nature exploration and nightlife. Year-round temperatures in the upper 70s make it the perfect place for a sunny beach vacation.

Highlights of Conzumel
  • Visit Stingray Beach to experience a close encounter with stingrays and exotic sea creatures
  • Spot tropical birds, crocodiles and sea turtles at the Faro Celerain Eco Park
  • Discover the island’s fascinating Mayan history at the San Gervasio Ruins
Costa Maya, Mexicofrom

The Costa Maya is a beautiful, 100-mile-long coastline on the Yucutan Peninsula characterized by white sand beaches and beautiful blue water. Right on the port you can find shopping areas, restaurants and bars, and jet skis for rent, and the nearby city of Mahahual holds a popular, easy to access beach. For those looking for a more private piece of paradise, the more secluded beaches are just a short taxi ride away.
One must-see for any visitor of Costa Maya is the Chacchoben Ruins, the remainders of an ancient Mayan city more than a thousand years old. For the best experience, take a guided tour to learn about what life was like for the Mayans – back then and now.

Highlights of Costa Maya
  • Enjoy an easy day being pampered at the beach at Mahahual
  • Dive or snorkel among the offshore coral reefs
  • Tour the step pyramids of the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexicofrom

    Located at the southernmost point of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s most popular cruise destinations. Its beautiful beaches make it a hot spot for surfing, sunbathing and fishing, and at night it turns into a popular party town. The beautiful weather and luxury lifestyle are particularly attractive for the rich and famous, with many celebrities owning holiday homes here. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a movie star.
    Cabo’s most famous landmark is El Arco, a natural rock foundation shaped like an arch in the middle of a vast, sandy beach. Be sure to time your visit right – El Arco is only accessible during low tide.

    Highlights of Cabo San Lucas
  • Find tasty Mexican food to match any budget – from cheap taquerias to luxury fine dining
  • Spot celebrities in the city’s famous beaches
  • Explore the city’s music and party scene at one of its many clubs
  • Havana, Cubafrom

    Traveling to Havana is a step back in time. The streets are filed with classic cars from the 1950s, imported before the embargo was enacted, and people still largely enjoy a slower, more traditional way of life. The locals are incredibly friendly, and culturally conscious visitors will appreciate the opportunity to learn about the Cuban way of life. Of course, those looking for a relaxing tropical vacation will also not be disappointed. With year-round temperatures in the 80s, Havana is a beach lover’s dream.

    Highlights of Havana
    • Step off the ship and immediately grab a mojito at Plaza Vieja
    • Visit the awe-inspiring cathedral San Cristóbal, located right in the middle of Old Havana
    • Take a tour of a cigar factory and get the inside scoop on the country’s most famous industry
    Puerto Vallarta, Mexicofrom

    Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s hottest cruise destinations, and for good reason: located near some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta features resorts, dining and leisure to suit every budget and taste. It is one of the most diverse cities in Mexico, and each neighborhood has a distinctive personality that makes it worth exploring. Old Vallarta offers a rustic, romantic atmosphere, perfect for recovering and relaxing after a long day of travel. Marina Vallarta is a shopping paradise and caters to a more luxurious taste, while the downtown area is home to the hottest clubs and bars that first come to life after sundown.

    Highlights of Puerto Vallarta:
  • Browse the quirky shops and take in the quaint, cobblestone streets of Old Vallarta
  • Explore the beachside promenade by foot, by bicycle, or by Segway
  • Take a break from the city and visit the wildlife at Los Arcos National Marine Park
  • Huatulco, Mexicofrom

    Located on Mexican Riviera close to Central America, Huatulco is a hidden gem that is not to be missed. With a booming tourist industry and vast nature reserves, Huatulco is known as one of the cleanest and greenest cities in Mexico.

    Huatulco's coastline is a great place for diving and snorkeling. Nearby, small villages dot the surrounding mountainside, which you can visit on a shore excursion to learn about the local way of life. There are also plenty of opportunities for souvenir hunting, with lots of kiosks selling jewelry and artifacts made by local artisans.

    Highlights of Huatulco
    • Enjoy a cool drink on the beach within walking distance of port
    • Tour the nearby villages and learn about the local craft of basket weaving
    • Snag some handcrafted treasures at the local markets and shops

    Cruises to Mexico

    The home of Mayan ruins, Aztecs, tequila, and margaritas – almost everyone on Earth knows something about Mexico. Experience Mexico’s rich heritage and bright flavors on a cruise to Mexico. Cruises to Mexico guarantee panoramic vistas of breath-taking beauty comprising of picturesque landscapes and the Mayan built palaces and temples. The main ports in this unspoiled region include; Cabo San Lucas, Port of Chiapas, Puerto Vallarta, Huatulco, and Acapulco. Before you go – see our recommendations about cruises you should book to see all the best-kept secrets of Mexico.

    Where to go in Mexico?

    Let yourself be surprised that Costa Maya is here to fascinate you. The Mexican Caribbean offers warm waters in blue-green tones and fine golden sand beaches, where you will find a land blessed with a unique ecosystem. You can admire the tropical forests, coral reefs and the breath-taking archaeological sites of Costa Maya. It is the ideal place to really get in touch with the Mayan culture and relax on its incredibly beautiful white sand beaches. For those looking for family activities, Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you. This fascinating port possesses everything that makes for an incredible family vacation: art galleries, whale-watching tours, humpback whale cruises through Banderas and water activities such as diving and snorkeling. For beautiful flora and fauna, beaches and inviting waters, Cozumel is simply a paradise. Take a dip in Cozumel’s refreshing waters, enjoy some of the area’s best-loved bars and restaurants and soak up the area’s warm ambiance. Make your cruise to Mexico unforgettable!

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