Central America Cruises 2019 - 2020

Experience the lush rainforests, sandy beaches, and tropical climate of Central America!

Central America

A world of contrasts awaits you on your next cruise to Central America. Boasting lush tropical rainforests, dazzling turquoise beaches, and year-round warm weather, it’s easy to see what makes Central America such a popular destination. Immerse yourself in the bustling cities, where cultures mix at the local markets, or visit ancient Mayan ruins and archaeological sites to learn about indigenous cultures, then and now. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, awe-inspiring nature, or to simply relax and get pampered as you lounge in the sun, Central America has it all.

Uncover the jewels of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and more on an unforgettable Central America cruise. Most major cruise lines dock at Central American ports as they sail to the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Panama Canal, departing from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Galveston, and more.

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Stunning Philipsburg with Cunard
Stunning Philipsburg with Cunard
12 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
 December 2019
p.p.from $2,799
Sensational Ensenada, Isla Partida Voyage with Celebrity Eclipse
Sensational Ensenada, Isla Partida Voyage with Celebrity Eclipse
9 Nights with the Celebrity Eclipse
 November 2019
p.p.from $871
8-Day Sail to Stunning Culebrita Island
8-Day Sail to Stunning Culebrita Island
7 Nights with the SeaDream I
 February 2021
p.p.from $3,791
Vibrant St. John 7-Day Cruise
Vibrant St. John 7-Day Cruise
6 Nights with the SeaDream I
 December 2019
p.p.from $2,835
Delightful Kralendijk from Miami with Carnival Magic
Delightful Kralendijk from Miami with Carnival Magic
8 Nights with the Carnival Magic
 July 2020 - September 2020
p.p.from $741
  Hot Offers
Wonderful Cozumel from Tampa 5-Day Getaway
Wonderful Cozumel from Tampa 5-Day Getaway
4 Nights with the Carnival Paradise
 November 2019 - June 2020
p.p.from $346
Majestic Nassau Voyage with Carnival Conquest
Majestic Nassau Voyage with Carnival Conquest
3 Nights with the Carnival Conquest
 March 2020 - May 2020
p.p.from $365
Historic Nassau 6-Day Trip
Historic Nassau 6-Day Trip
5 Nights with the Carnival Elation
 August 2020 - September 2020
p.p.from $455
Vibrant Ocho Rios from Miami 7-Day Sail
Vibrant Ocho Rios from Miami 7-Day Sail
6 Nights with the Carnival Horizon
 January 2020 - January 2021
p.p.from $549
Experience Spectacular Grand Cayman from Miami
Experience Spectacular Grand Cayman from Miami
7 Nights with the Carnival Conquest
 November 2019 - February 2020
p.p.from $618
  Last Minute Deals
Barcelona to San Juan 17-Day Excursion
Barcelona to San Juan 17-Day Excursion
16 Nights with the Norwegian Epic
 November 2019
p.p.from $787
Sensational Ensenada, Isla Partida Voyage with Celebrity Eclipse
Sensational Ensenada, Isla Partida Voyage with Celebrity Eclipse
9 Nights with the Celebrity Eclipse
 November 2019
p.p.from $871
Vibrant St. John 7-Day Cruise
Vibrant St. John 7-Day Cruise
6 Nights with the SeaDream I
 December 2019
p.p.from $2,835
Wonderful Cozumel from Tampa 5-Day Getaway
Wonderful Cozumel from Tampa 5-Day Getaway
4 Nights with the Carnival Paradise
 October 2019 - December 2019
p.p.from $371
Mesmerizing Belize City from Port Canaveral with Carnival Breeze
Mesmerizing Belize City from Port Canaveral with Carnival Breeze
7 Nights with the Carnival Breeze
 November 2019
p.p.from $754
Top Central America Cruise Ports
Miami, Floridafrom

Named after the Mayaimi tribe that inhabited the area in the 1600s, Miami has skyrocketed to international recognition as the cruise capital of the world. Nestled between Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park, the incredibly diverse tropical metropolis is equally acclaimed for its stunning sandy beaches, extravagant party scene, street art, natural beauty and glittering skyline. Vibrant, classy, edgy, exciting – Miami is everything you want in a cruise destination and more.

Highlights of Miami
  • Stroll down Ocean Drive in awe of the world’s largest collection of Art Deco architecture
  • Paddleboard around spectacular Virginia Key, keeping an eye out for the local manatees
  • Take a cultural journey through Little Havana, where locals socialize, murals tell a story and restaurants serve authentic Cuban food
San Juan, Puerto Ricofrom

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and sits on the Atlantic coast of the tropical Caribbean island. The city is renowned as a historical wonderland and mosaic of culture and the arts, with its colonial-era architecture, quaint old town and vivacious street art. Stroll the timeworn 15ft-thick walls guarding the harbor, relax at Isla Verde’s picturesque beach or dine at one of the superb restaurants in Santurce.

Highlights of San Juan
  • Wonder at the historic El Morro and La Fortaleza, two 16th century fortresses offering impressive ocean vistas
  • Watch as the locals play dominos in the Plaza de Armas, in San Juan’s old town
  • Visit the bars, nightclubs and casinos in Isla Verde, the epicenter of San Juan’s vibrant nightlife
Cozumel, Mexicofrom

Cozumel, a tropical island located off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, is one of the world’s top cruise destinations. With its glittering turquoise waters, bright white beaches and exotic marine life, the idyllic island is popular for snorkeling, diving and swimming with dolphins.

Cozumel has a well-established tourist industry. Cruise passengers will have plenty of opportunities for water sports, nature exploration and nightlife. Year-round temperatures in the upper 70s make it the perfect place for a sunny beach vacation.

Highlights of Conzumel
  • Visit Stingray Beach to experience a close encounter with stingrays and exotic sea creatures
  • Spot tropical birds, crocodiles and sea turtles at the Faro Celerain Eco Park
  • Discover the island’s fascinating Mayan history at the San Gervasio Ruins
Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islandsfrom

Charlotte Amalie is the largest cruise port on Saint Thomas. A colorful Caribbean island, it is known for its Danish colonial architecture, sweeping beaches, and lots and lots of shopping.

Charlotte Amalie was once a popular pit stop for pirates. Seafarers from all over the world would stop by its beer halls to quench their thirst after a long stay at sea, and it's said that Bluebeard and Blackbeard frequented the city. Today, visitors can still partake in this nautical tradition by sampling the island's excellent selection of rum.

Highlights of Charlotte Amalie
  • Enjoy duty-free shopping at the shopping malls, boutique shops, and roadside vendors downtown
  • Visit Blackbeard's Castle and learn about the island's history of pirates
  • Enjoy a beach day at Magens Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world
Grand Turk, Turk Islandsfrom

A visit to Grand Turk, the capital of Turks and Caicos Islands, is like taking a step back in time. Stroll through the narrow streets of Cockburn Town and you will discover old Bermudian-style and preserved British colonial-style buildings and wild donkeys and horses left behind from the island’s the salt industry era. Grand Turk, a top cruise destination, is hugely popular for its water sports, such as kayaking, fishing, kiteboarding and scuba diving.

Highlights of Grand Turk
  • Swim with exotic marine life and friendly stingrays in the pristine shallow waters of Gibbs Cay
  • Indulge in some duty-free retail therapy at the fantastic cruise terminal shopping center
  • Explore the Columbus Landfall National Park, the site where Christopher Columbus is presumed to have first landed
Costa Maya, Mexicofrom

The Costa Maya is a beautiful, 100-mile-long coastline on the Yucutan Peninsula characterized by white sand beaches and beautiful blue water. Right on the port you can find shopping areas, restaurants and bars, and jet skis for rent, and the nearby city of Mahahual holds a popular, easy to access beach. For those looking for a more private piece of paradise, the more secluded beaches are just a short taxi ride away.
One must-see for any visitor of Costa Maya is the Chacchoben Ruins, the remainders of an ancient Mayan city more than a thousand years old. For the best experience, take a guided tour to learn about what life was like for the Mayans – back then and now.

Highlights of Costa Maya
  • Enjoy an easy day being pampered at the beach at Mahahual
  • Dive or snorkel among the offshore coral reefs
  • Tour the step pyramids of the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins
Roatán, Hondurasfrom

The island of Roatan sits above the second-largest coral reef in the world, making it an attractive destination for snorkelers, scuba divers and other ocean enthusiasts eager to get a glimpse of one of nature’s most colorful wonders. Book an excursion to visit the beautiful reef by boat, or simply swim from shore – some of the coral is located just 300 feet from the beach. The white sand beaches and crystal clear water make Roatan perfect for swimming and tanning alike.

Highlights of Roatan
  • Swim, snorkel or scuba dive at one of the largest and most beautiful coral reefs in the world
  • Get friendly with some (tame) monkeys at the Gumbalimba Park
  • Ride one of the longest zip lines in Central America and get an unmatched view of the rainforest below
Puerto Caldera, Costa Ricafrom
On Request

Puntarenas is home to Costa Rica’s most important port, and the city has a rich history of shipping, fishing and international trade. Puntarenas has a lot to offer: delicious fresh seafood, inexpensive waterfront cafes, and a beautiful beachside promenade are just some of the things visitors can look forward to. It also lies in close proximity to some of Costa Rica's most beautiful nature. Take a shore excursion to a beautiful waterfall, or bathe in a hot spring on an active volcano. Or hike through a cloud forest for a surreal journey surrounded by mist and dripping vegetation.

Highlights of Puntarenas
  • Enjoy year-round tropical temperatures in the upper 80s
  • Savor a sweet treat while relaxing on the beach at one of the many ice cream and smoothie shacks
  • Get up close and personal with the local wildlife at Reserva Biologica Carara
Cabo San Lucas, Mexicofrom

Located at the southernmost point of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s most popular cruise destinations. Its beautiful beaches make it a hot spot for surfing, sunbathing and fishing, and at night it turns into a popular party town. The beautiful weather and luxury lifestyle are particularly attractive for the rich and famous, with many celebrities owning holiday homes here. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a movie star.

Cabo’s most famous landmark is El Arco, a natural rock foundation shaped like an arch in the middle of a vast, sandy beach. Be sure to time your visit right – El Arco is only accessible during low tide.

Highlights of Cabo San Lucas
  • Find tasty Mexican food to match any budget – from cheap taquerias to luxury fine dining
  • Spot celebrities in the city’s famous beaches
  • Explore the city’s music and party scene at one of its many clubs
Amber Cove, Dominican Republicfrom
The Caribbean’s newest destination, Amber Cove Cruise Center, is located in the Dominican Republic on the Bay of Maimon near Puerto Plata in the country’s North Coast.The new facility represents one of the largest cruise industry investments ever made in the Dominican Republic. The project is designed to re-establish the Dominican Republic’s North Coast as a popular cruise destination.
Puerto Quetzal, Guatemalafrom

Puerto Quetzal is an industrial harbor city and home to Guatemala’s largest and most important shipping port. Directly on the harbor, you will find a small tourist area with restaurants, bars and shops. For those looking for a relaxing day, you don’t have to travel far to find a hammock on the beach. More adventurous travelers may want to travel to the nearby city of Antigua, a charming, Spanish city, and nature lovers won’t want to miss the sparkling waters of Lake Atitlan.

Highlights of Puerto Quetzal
  • Browse affordable souvenirs at the local market
  • Explore a saltwater forest at the Monterrico Mangrove Natural Reserve
  • Stroll through downtown Antigua and take in its colonial architecture and magnificent Spanish churches
Puerto Vallarta, Mexicofrom

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s hottest cruise destinations, and for good reason: located near some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta features resorts, dining and leisure to suit every budget and taste. It is one of the most diverse cities in Mexico, and each neighborhood has a distinctive personality that makes it worth exploring. Old Vallarta offers a rustic, romantic atmosphere, perfect for recovering and relaxing after a long day of travel. Marina Vallarta is a shopping paradise and caters to a more luxurious taste, while the downtown area is home to the hottest clubs and bars that first come to life after sundown.

Highlights of Puerto Vallarta:
  • Browse the quirky shops and take in the quaint, cobblestone streets of Old Vallarta
  • Explore the beachside promenade by foot, by bicycle, or by Segway
  • Take a break from the city and visit the wildlife at Los Arcos National Marine Park
Panama Canalfrom

What better way to see the Panama Canal than by cruising through it? Sail in the wake of history as your ship navigates the locks which have been in service more than 100 years and are still functioning flawlessly today. Plagued by difficulties during construction, the final lock system was so effective, it has remained virtually unchanged throughout the years.

The entire Panama Canal crossing takes 8 to 10 hours.

Highlights of the Panama Canal
  • Get up early to secure your spot on the bow of the ship, where you'll have the best view of the locks as you pass through
  • Capture a scenic photo of the Bridge of the Americas, the world's first non-swinging bridge to span the canal
  • Learn about the exciting history of the canal, from ill-fated construction attempts in the 19th century to its most recent expansion in 2016
Roseau, Dominicafrom

The capital of Dominica, Roseau is a bustling city known for its lively downtown and its industrial port. The city is a hodgepodge of influences: traditional and modern, French and British, colonial and indigenous. Roseau has an attractive, walkable city center and several cathedrals that are worth visiting.

Dominica’s biggest tourist attraction are its natural landscapes. Watch for sea life from the comfort of a boat on a dolphin or whale watching tour, or get within arm’s reach while snorkeling or scuba diving. Rainforest tours offer the possibility to discover hidden waterfalls or experience breathtaking views from the mountainous inland.

Highlights of Roseau
  • Go for a scenic gondola ride to see the city from above
  • Swim or snorkel at Champagne Beach and enjoy the gentle bubbling water
  • Take an excursion into the rainforest to see Dominica's exotic wildlife
Ocho Rios, Jamaicafrom
Ocho Rios offers visitors a number of attractions such as Dunn's River Falls and the Craft Market. The small town that only has about 10,000 inhabitants, is visited every year by just under 400,000 tourists.
Central America