Central America Cruises 2018 - 2019

Experience the lush rainforests, sandy beaches, and tropical climate of Central America!

Central America

A world of contrasts awaits you on your next cruise to Central America. Boasting lush tropical rainforests, dazzling turquoise beaches, and year-round warm weather, it’s easy to see what makes Central America such a popular destination. Immerse yourself in the bustling cities, where cultures mix at the local markets, or visit ancient Mayan ruins and archaeological sites to learn about indigenous cultures, then and now. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, awe-inspiring nature, or to simply relax and get pampered as you lounge in the sun, Central America has it all.

Uncover the jewels of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and more on an unforgettable Central America cruise. Most major cruise lines dock at Central American ports as they sail to the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Panama Canal, departing from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Galveston, and more.

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Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera), Costa Ricafrom

Puntarenas is home to Costa Rica’s most important port, and the city has a rich history of shipping, fishing and international trade. Puntarenas has a lot to offer: delicious fresh seafood, inexpensive waterfront cafes, and a beautiful beachside promenade are just some of the things visitors can look forward to. It also lies in close proximity to some of Costa Rica's most beautiful nature. Take a shore excursion to a beautiful waterfall, or bathe in a hot spring on an active volcano. Or hike through a cloud forest for a surreal journey surrounded by mist and dripping vegetation.

Highlights of Puntarenas
  • Enjoy year-round tropical temperatures in the upper 80s
  • Savor a sweet treat while relaxing on the beach at one of the many ice cream and smoothie shacks
  • Get up close and personal with the local wildlife at Reserva Biologica Carara
Roatán, Hondurasfrom

The island of Roatan sits above the second-largest coral reef in the world, making it an attractive destination for snorkelers, scuba divers and other ocean enthusiasts eager to get a glimpse of one of nature’s most colorful wonders. Book an excursion to visit the beautiful reef by boat, or simply swim from shore – some of the coral is located just 300 feet from the beach. The white sand beaches and crystal clear water make Roatan perfect for swimming and tanning alike.

Highlights of Roatan
  • Swim, snorkel or scuba dive at one of the largest and most beautiful coral reefs in the world
  • Get friendly with some (tame) monkeys at the Gumbalimba Park
  • Ride one of the longest zip lines in Central America and get an unmatched view of the rainforest below
Puerto Quetzal, Guatemalafrom

Puerto Quetzal is an industrial harbor city and home to Guatemala’s largest and most important shipping port. Directly on the harbor, you will find a small tourist area with restaurants, bars and shops. For those looking for a relaxing day, you don’t have to travel far to find a hammock on the beach. More adventurous travelers may want to travel to the nearby city of Antigua, a charming, Spanish city, and nature lovers won’t want to miss the sparkling waters of Lake Atitlan.

Highlights of Puerto Quetzal
  • Browse affordable souvenirs at the local market
  • Explore a saltwater forest at the Monterrico Mangrove Natural Reserve
  • Stroll through downtown Antigua and take in its colonial architecture and magnificent Spanish churches
Colón, Panamafrom

Located on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal, Colon is home to a gleaming, modern, tourist-friendly port. Passengers will find plenty of opportunities to shop and eat near the cruise terminals, or to take a shore excursion to see some more scenic parts of Panama.

Before the completion of the Panama Canal, the overland rail route played an important role in transporting goods between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Passengers today can still take a historic train ride on the Isthmian Railway from Colon to Panama City.

Highlights of Colon
  • Take a scenic train ride from Colon to Panama City
  • Take an excursion into the rainforest to see sloths, harpy eagles, and other exotic wildlife
  • Visit the nearby town of Portobelo and explore the Spanish forts colonial houses
Panama Canalfrom

What better way to see the Panama Canal than by cruising through it? Sail in the wake of history as your ship navigates the locks which have been in service more than 100 years and are still functioning flawlessly today. Plagued by difficulties during construction, the final lock system was so effective, it has remained virtually unchanged throughout the years.

The entire Panama Canal crossing takes 8 to 10 hours.

Highlights of the Panama Canal
  • Get up early to secure your spot on the bow of the ship, where you'll have the best view of the locks as you pass through
  • Capture a scenic photo of the Bridge of the Americas, the world's first non-swinging bridge to span the canal
  • Learn about the exciting history of the canal, from ill-fated construction attempts in the 19th century to its most recent expansion in 2016
Fuerte Amador, Panamafrom

An island located off the west coast of Panama, Fuerte Amador is the gateway to Panama City. Sitting close to the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, it offers the perfect place to watch ships enter the locks as they begin to traverse the canal. In addition to holding numerous canal-related museums and attractions, Fuerte Amador offers easy access to Panama City, the metropolis-like capital city and heart of the nation.

Highlights of Panama City
  • Check out the Miraflores Locks Visitor Center to learn more about the canal, its history and its engineering
  • Explore Casco Viejo, Panama City's historic quarter and a UNESCO protected site
  • Learn about the importance of gold in Panama's history and see golden treasures up close at the Old Panama Museum
Central America