Star Clippers 2019/2020 Cruises

Experience classic tall ship sailing with Star Clippers
Star Clippers

Star Clippers operates a triumvirate of full rigged tall ships sailing some of the planet's most iconic cruising grounds. The Star Clipper, Star Flyer and Royal Clipper offer guests the ambiance of a private yacht at wallet-friendly prices. Designed by yacht designer Donald Starkey, these exquisite ships feature vast, elegant sails, beautiful timber decks, and antique Edwardian interiors. Brass fittings, antique prints and paintings evoke an atmosphere of old world ease and sophistication on board. These graceful yachts can reach a top speed of 20 knots, seeming to fly over the water, true to their names.

Dine en plein air on the ships' deck, relax at the Tropical Bar or swim in crystalline pools beneath the sky and sails. These unique ships offer unparalleled cruising experiences, perfectly tempering grandeur with adventure and luxury with heritage. Explore surreally beautiful reaches of Indonesia's coast and islands with nothing but the sound of the waves interrupting the silence. Encounter exotic animals like Komodo dragons, dive on sacred coral reefs and lay back on pink beaches. Wherever your adventure, Star Clipper will take you there.

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Star Clippers 2019/2020 Cruises

Star Clippers