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Silversea is a top-of-the-line luxury cruise company that caters to the truly discerning traveler. With all-inclusive amenities, world-class dining, and destinations on all seven continents, Silversea provides outstanding cruise vacations at an unparalleled level of luxury. This leading line attracts a well-traveled, well-heeled passenger base looking for an exceptional cruise experience. Voyages often feature a high percentage of repeat passengers who are highly loyal to the Silversea brand.

The Silversea fleet consists of five luxury cruise ships and four expedition voyagers, sailing between them to 900 unique and exotic destinations worldwide. The cruise ships are outfitted to reflect the highest standards of luxury, with a low passenger count and high staff-to-guest ratio ensuring an unmatched level of personal service. The even-smaller expedition ships are built rugged on the outside, refined on the inside, so passengers can travel to some of the most remote places on earth without compromising on luxury.

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Silversea Cruises

Silver Spirit
The largest Silversea vessel, this luxury mega-yacht offer unmatchable comfort and luxury onboard. Enjoy fine spirits and wines, dine on the most sumptuous gourmet cuisine, and indulge in a high-end spa treatment as you sail around the world.
  •  2009
  •  650 ft
  •  540
  •  8
  •  5 out of 5
Silver Wind
With just 296 passengers, the Silver Wind provides a luxurious cruise experience unmatched in intimacy and personal attention.
  •  1995
  •  512 ft
  •  298
  •  6
  •  5 out of 5
Silver Whisper
Experience the vacation of a lifetime onboard the luxury yacht Silver Whisperer. You'll feel right at home as you sail the world in utmost luxury and comfort.
  •  2000
  •  597 ft
  •  388
  •  7
  •  5 out of 5
Silver Shadow
A boutique ship by the luxury cruise line Silversea, the Silver Shadow proves that you can have it all: the intimacy and personal attention of a small ship combined with the excellent dining venues, spa and fitness area of a larger ship. She undertakes one-of-a-kind voyages around the world, including Alaska, Asia, and the Mediterranean.
  •  2001
  •  597 ft
  •  388
  •  7
  •  5 out of 5
Silver Explorer
A luxury expedition vessel, the Silver Explorer sails to some of the most exotic destinations on Earth, including Antarctica, the Easter Islands and Tahiti. Enjoy the sophisticated and convivial onboard environment as you sail around the world with this top-of-the-line cruise ship.
  •  1989
  •  344 ft
  •  132
  •  5
  •  5 out of 5
Silver Cloud
Set sail on a one-of-a-kind expedition with the Silver Cloud Expedition! After a massive makeover in 2017, this luxury vessel has been updated with posh amenities, comfortable accommodation, and technological advancements to allow her to navigate the icy waters of the polar regions.
  •  1994
  •  514 ft
  •  254
  •  7
  •  5 out of 5
Silver Moon
The latest ship from Silversea, Silver Moon is designed to be the ultimate luxury vessel. Launching in 2020, she’ll feature improvements such as new suites and expanded dining areas for an unbeatable luxury experience.
  •  2020
  •  698 ft
  •  596
  •  11
  •  5 out of 5