Hapag-Lloyd Cruises 2019 - 2020

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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises 2019 - 2020
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises 2019 - 2020

With more than 125 years of cruising experience, Hapag-Lloyd is one of Europe’s most trusted cruise lines. The German cruise line is esteemed for a distinctive philosophy centered on exclusivity, elegance and casual luxury. The cruise line delivers impeccable, first-class cruise vacations across a fleet of four ships. Cruise Alaska, Canada, New England or Europe onboard the MS Europa, or discover the charm of Cuba and the Caribbean onboard the MS Europa 2.

With a low passenger capacity and a high passenger-to-crew ratio, Hapag-Lloyd cruise ships offer a luxurious spaciousness and welcoming service like no other. Contemporary design and modern engineering create a chic onboard ambiance, making your cruise to the most thrilling destinations on Earth one in pure elegance. Enjoy the perfect all-inclusive, 5-star cruise vacation with Hapag-Lloyd.

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Travel Tips for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

German cruise line Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is a subsidiary of TUI Group and has been established since 1981. 2016 was a special year for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises celebrating its 125th anniversary. The Cruise line, with its head office located in Hamburg, Germany, has already carved out an impressive reputation in the cruising industry. Today Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is a major provider of luxury cruises and expeditions. The Hamburg-based cruise line operates four ships in its fleet: MS Europa, MS Europa 2, MS Hanseatic, and MS Bremen. All vessels carry no more than 500 passengers granting these bijou ships an access to the most exceptional and unexplored ports. A small fleet of four ultra-modern ships allows cruise line to offer the best cruise deals and the most intriguing destinations on earth.

Unique experience with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises set out on its very first cruise more than hundred years ago, and today it provides everything from luxury cruises and expeditions to untouched landscapes. Cruise lengths are different, simple holiday cruise can last anywhere from seven nights while an expedition through the Russian Arctic can take up to 30 days. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises sail across the globe, covering Africa, Antarctica, Alaska, Caribbean and more. Cruise themes can vary as well – from cruises from Miami and exceptional trips for Sport & Wellness to cruises for young explorers.

When it comes to accommodation, you can enjoy your voyage in one of the outside cabins with the constantly changing ocean view. Treat yourself by staying in one of the glamorous spa suites. Every cabin is inviting – equipped with all the facilities that will make you feel home away from home, but at sea. The attentive and friendly staff understand that every detail is important and are ready to ensure an inspiring and unforgettable time on board.

Meet the Fleet and It’s Thrilling Activities

The fleet operates two luxury liners (MS Europa and MS Europa 2) and two expedition ships (the luxury cruiser MS Hanseatic and the upscale MS Bremen).
Despite the small size of the ships, all the necessities for a glamorous cruise are found on board: fine dining with exceptional cuisine, golf simulators, concerts and performances. Each ship is unique and has its own very special character.

If you want to explore the world in vogue, MS Europa gives you this opportunity. You can expect to enjoy modern elegance, dazzling gala evenings and highest gastronomy standards.

On board the all-suite MS Europa 2 you can enjoy the highest level of casual luxury. Invite your whole family aboard and enjoy a wide range of family-oriented activities, including films in 3D, pizza making events and turtle watching.

MS Hanseatic and MS Bremen have been built to reflect the adventurous spirit. On these small cruisers, you can embrace the genuine expeditionary feeling and unlock the greatest secrets of the uncovered treasures.