Crystal Cruises 2019 - 2020

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Crystal Cruises 2019 - 2020
Enjoy a unique luxury experience at sea with Crystal Cruises, an industry leader among luxury cruise lines.
Crystal Cruises 2019 - 2020

A true luxury cruise line, Crystal Cruises prides itself on providing a perfect cruise experience to a clientele of affluent guests. With their upscale accommodation options, gourmet dining, and European-trained staff, Crystal ships provide a level of luxury unmatched by other ocean vessels of their size.

Crystal provides the best of both worlds: the exotic destinations, high-class entertainment and variety of on-board activities of a large cruise ship, paired with the attention to detail, personalized service and fine amenities of a smaller vessel. The spacious staterooms provide all the amenities and comforts of home, but with a much better view. Nearly every room has a verandah, and guests can enjoy a romantic sunset dinner or a seaside breakfast on their balcony at any time – 24/7 in-room dining comes at no extra charge.

Crystal has the highest staff-to-guest ratio of any cruise line in the industry. This means guests can expect attentive service, no matter what they wish. Luxury suites also come with a private butler to cater to your every whim. Staff are known for being friendly and attentive, and are happy to chat and share their stories if the guest desires. In fact, many guests wind up becoming good friends with their waiters and attendants over the course of the cruise.

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Why Crystal Cruises?

Crystal Cruises is an American luxury cruise line that was created with a vision to set a completely new standard in luxury cruising and world exploration. With its headquarters in Los Angeles, the cruise line is constantly ranked among the world’s top luxury resorts on land and sea. You can always expect a superior level of service from their staff and extraordinary dining options onboard one of the Crystal Cruises amazing vessels. Since their opening in 1988, they have helped more than 6 million travelers to take the plunge and explore the world. Crystal Cruises provides its passengers the finest sailing experience available in the luxury service business, not just the luxury cruise industry!

Crystal Cruises Fleet

The award-winning Crystal Cruises ships are some of the best on the high sea and represent the very best personal experience a cruise can deliver. The Crystal Serenity and the Crystal Symphony sail in every major region of the world. These two stunning ships are smaller and more intimate than the regular cruise ships each with a capacity of around 1,000 guests, what makes a great personalized experience and allows passengers to truly feel comfortable among the luxury and opulence. With Crystal Cruises ships, you are guaranteed the cruise vacation of a lifetime!


Boasting itineraries in exotic regions like Asia, South America, and South Pacific, in addition to popular destinations like Alaska, Hawaii and Europe. Crystal Cruises even has a sizeable variety of world cruises, the longest of which last more than 100 days. You can also go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Antarctic and discover its beautiful rugged landscape. Join Crystal Cruises as new adventures unfold…
When you are ready to cruise, give us a call at 1-888-403-1425 and our Dreamlines cruise experts will help you to plan a fantastic cruise vacation.