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Terms and Conditions


These Terms & Conditions should be read carefully prior to booking. They prescribe the basis on which any NCL (Bahamas) Ltd. booking may be accepted and constitute the Contract of Carriage. With your booking and the announcement of these contract terms, they will become part of the contract. Please also refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section contained in this brochure respectively on our website where you will find all essential information about your holiday.


The travel confirmation of NCL (Bahamas) Ltd., trading as Norwegian Cruise Line (hereafter Norwegian), is the acceptance of your booking request. Your booking request is based on the information and on the "Frequently Asked Questions" section contained in this brochure, respectively on our website. Accepting the booking request results in a travel contract between yourself as well as all other participants who are mentioned on the confirmation and Norwegian. The travel confirmation contains the significant details of your booked services. Should the services in the travel confirmation differ from those in the booking request then a new offer is being presented by Norwegian. In this case you have 7 days in which to accept the new offer. During this period the offer remains legally binding for Norwegian. Should you accept the new offer in writing, via website, E-Mail or any external booking system within 7 days or make a payment or begin your travel then the travel contract will be completed on this basis.


2.1 Please observe the dates of payment on Norwegian's confirmation/invoice. A delayed payment may result in the cancellation of your holiday.

2.2 A security note is included within the confirmation/invoice which shows that Norwegian is insured against the risk of insolvency with HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG. This security note certifies the right to claim directly from the insurer in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of Norwegian.

2.3 Upon delivery of the security note, the following deposit immediately becomes payable per person.

1- to 5-day cruise
20 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person;
20 % for children up to 17 years of age

6-day cruise and longer
10 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person;
10 % for children up to 17 years of age

2.4. For Garden Villas (category H1/S1) and upper suite staterooms (categories H2-H9, SA and SB) different payment conditions apply. The following deposit immediately becomes payable per person:
Category H1/S1: 20 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
Categories H2-H9, SA and SB: 20 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants.

2.5. Together with the deposit payment any travel insurance premium booked via Norwegian is due.

2.6 Full payment must be credited on mentioned Norwegian account no later than 30 days before the date of travel without further prompting by Norwegian. If a reservation is made within 30 days of the commencement of the holiday, full payment will be immediately due after receipt of the confirmation, provided the security note has been delivered. For Garden Villas (category H1/S1) and upper suite staterooms (categories H2-H9, SA and SB) full payment is due 90 days before the date of travel. Delivery by Norwegian of the complete and specified travel documents is concurrent with payment in full.
For bookings made less than 14 days prior to sail date, only credit card payments will be accepted by Norwegian.

2.7. Norwegian is authorised to cancel any bookings from passengers with remaining outstanding payments from previous cruise bookings. New bookings will be cancelled without further notice, if passengers do not remit the outstanding amount within 7 days after receiving the new booking confirmation.


Travel documents will be delivered once payment is complete. If the balance due is not transferred to Norwegian's account before the date of travel (payments to the travel agency you booked with have the effect of discharging the debt) the passenger will not be authorised to travel, instead Norwegian may charge a cancellation fee as compensation according to point 6.1. You are free to prove that no costs or considerably lower costs were incurred. Norwegian shall not accept a passenger if the balance payment has not been made before the date of travel, even if the security note has been delivered. Travel documents are made available in the form of e-docs.


The scope of contractual services to be offered to the passenger corresponds to the description in the brochure and on our website as well as the stipulated details in the travel confirmation. The same applies to the travel costs to be paid by the passenger. All cruise prices stated in this brochure are based on valid rates at time of printing (March 2017) and represent the lowest available price per person in double occupancy (Studios; ( (category T1) in single occupancy) for the stateroom category specified (Inside, Oceanview, Balcony etc.). For the available price of your desired stateroom category and travel date at the time of your booking please contact your travel agency or the Norwegian reservations team or visit All declarations stated in the booking confirmation are binding for Norwegian. Alterations and subsidiary (alterations, special requests, additions) agreements to the contractual services require specific, written confirmation by Norwegian.


5.1 Service Changes

5.1.1 Service Changes before conclusion of contract
Norwegian reserves the right, for justifiable reasons, to make changes to the brochure details or the holiday advertisement prior to the agreement being concluded. Norwegian would inform the passenger of these changes prior to booking. Alterations to the cruise itineraries are possible, e.g. due to official regulations, particular shipping conditions, medical emergencies, or when, due to adverse weather conditions or in the interest of the safety of the guests, the captain decides to alter the route. The captain makes the decisions on necessary itinerary changes and/or travel times. In the case of cancellation of a scheduled flight by the airline or, for example, in a case of non-compliance with the flight timetable of the airline, a change of airline, aircraft or of the arrival and departure airport may be necessary. Norwegian reserves the right to make such changes and alterations. According to the EU regulation on informing air transport guests of the identity of the operating air carrier, Norwegian is bound to inform the customer about the identity of the operating air carrier and all performances of services within the booked holiday immediately at time of booking.

5.1.2 Service Changes after conclusion of contract
Individual service changes and deviations from the contractual contents of the travel contract, which become necessary after conclusion of contract and which were brought about contrary to good faith on behalf of Norwegian are permitted so far as the changes and deviations are not considerable and do not impair the overall form of the holiday. The overall form of the holiday is considered impaired if its value or quality as implied by the customary use or the use as stipulated by the contract is made void or to a substantial degree diminished. This is determined taking into account the price, duration and date of travel. Norwegian is obliged to inform passengers of possible changes. The changed services replace the original contractual obligation. Eventual warranty claims will remain unaffected if the service replacement is inadequate. Should such service changes make the overall form of the cruise holiday unacceptable to the passenger, Norwegian offers the passenger the right to either change the booking or withdraw from the contract free of charge. Passengers also have the right to request an equivalent alternative Norwegian cruise holiday, provided Norwegian is able to offer such a cruise holiday without additional expenses. Passengers must assert their rights arising from contract changes or cancellations in writing and immediately following Norwegian's declaration of the changes.

5.2 Fare Changes

5.2.1 Fare Changes before conclusion of the contract

The fares listed are valid at the time of printing (March 2017). They are binding for Norwegian.

Norwegian can declare alterations of the travel fares different from the brochure prior to conclusion of the contract. A price adjustment is permissible especially for the following reasons:

An increase in the costs of transportation, charges for specific services such as harbour dues or airport taxes, or a change in the exchange rates affecting the holidays in question after publication of the brochures;
2. If, after the publication of the Norwegian brochure, the cruise and/or travel package and/or hotel programme advertised in the relevant Norwegian brochure and which you wish to book is only available upon the purchase of additional places.
Thus, Norwegian expressly reserves the right for price adjustments for these reasons.

5.2.2 Fare Changes following conclusion of the contract
Under certain lawful circumstances, Norwegian reserves the right to pass on any increases in the costs of transportation, taxes, accommodation and exchange rates, provided the passenger's date of travel is more than four months after completion of contract. This is applicable exclusively for fare changes where cost factors were subject to unforeseeable changes after the conclusion of the contract. Significant and unpredictable reasons for a price increase: examples include, but are not limited to, the increase in public dues, the increase in value-added tax, changes in the world oil prices, changes in airport tax or harbour dues, or, in particular cases, a more than 20 % increase in the EURO vs. US-Dollar exchange rate. To the same extent an adjustment of the agreed travel fare is permitted should there be a change in the official transport rates due to tax increases. As proof of the legitimacy of a price change, Norwegian will provide the passenger certification of each cost and rate increase. In case of alterations of prices or services, Norwegian will contact you immediately but no later than 21 days prior to the scheduled sailing date. Increases after that date are not allowed. In the instance of any increase in price equivalent to 5 % or more of the original travel fare, Norwegian offers guests the right to either withdraw from the contract free of charge or to request the participation in an alternative cruise, provided Norwegian is able to offer such travel out of its cruise programme without additional expenses. Passengers have to assert their rights against Norwegian immediately after Norwegian has informed the passenger about price alterations.


6.1 Cancellation by the passenger
Passengers can cancel their contract at any time before the date of travel. As means of proof, cancellations should be made in writing. The cancellation notice is effective upon the date of receipt by Norwegian or by your travel agent. Should the passenger cancel their booking or not commence the holiday, Norwegian reserves the right to levy charges for made travel provisions and expenses incurred. When calculating the cancellation, Norwegian takes into account the services saved and the possible other use of the services. Norwegian may claim cancellation fees expressed as a percentage of the travel fare according to the amount of notice given between cancellation date and departure date, as listed below. Passengers are free to prove to Norwegian that Norwegian has suffered no loss or a considerably slighter loss than what they are claiming for.

6.1.1 Cancellation fees per person:
1- to 5-day cruise
Up to 31 days before departure: 20 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
30–22 days before departure: 35 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
21–15 days before departure: 50 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
14–8 days before departure: 75 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
7 days and less before departure: 95 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants.

6-day cruise and longer
Up to 31 days before departure: 10 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
30–22 days before departure: 35 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
21–15 days before departure: 50 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
14–8 days before departure: 75 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
7 days and less before departure: 95 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants.

6.1.2 For Garden Villas (category H1/S1) and upper suite cabins (categories H2-H9, SA and SB) different cancellation fees per person apply:

Up to 91 days before departure: 20 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
90–30 days before departure: 45 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
29–15 days before departure: 65 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
14–8 days before departure: 75 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
7 days and less before departure: 95 % of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants.

6.1.3 In case of cancellation of one person booked in a double cabin, up to 31 days before departure, cancellation fees apply for the person cancelling analogous to the cancellation fees set out under 6.1.1. The remaining person in the booked stateroom will be rebooked to single occupancy and charged the single occupancy rate. From 30 days prior to departure, cancellation fees for the person cancelling apply analogous to the cancellation fees set out under 6.1.1. The already confirmed rate per person for the remaining person does not change.

6.2 Booking Changes
Passenger's booking can be changed upon request and subject to availability (rebooking). Rebookings include any changes of travel date, destination, travel accession, hotel timetable , cabin category or mode of transportation. This can be done until 31 days before the date of travel. Norwegian charges the sum of EUR 50 rebooking fee per person. Rebooking fees of the airlines (depending booked class of service and fare) or any other costs incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers will be charged in all cases and in addition. Should the passenger wish to make a rebooking from 30 days prior to the date of travel, then booking changes can only be made, if at all possible, by cancelling the travel contract under the conditions stated in 6.1 and rebooking. Rebooking fees of the airlines or any other costs incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers will always be charged. When rebooking cabins of the "Garden Villa" category (category H1/S1) or upper suite cabins (categories H2-H9, SA and SB) different rebooking fees per person apply analogous to the cancellation fees set out under 6.1.2.

6.3 Replacements
Up to the date of travel, i.e. taking into consideration a reasonable amount of time for organizational matters, passengers may demand that a third party takes over all rights and liabilities of passenger's travel contract. Norwegian reserves the right to decline the third party should he/she not meet the travel requirements or should there be legal restrictions or an official directive against his/her participation. Should a third party enter the contract then he/she and you are liable as codebtors for the travel fare and the additional costs caused by the third party entering, e.g. airline charges for scheduled flights.

6.4 Name Changes
At the time of booking all guest names need to be submitted to Norwegian. Names need to be congruent with the valid guest passports. For any change in the spelling of name, middle name(s) or surname(s) made more than 5 days prior to departure, Norwegian reserves the right to pass on a service fee of EUR 50 per person together with any costs incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers. Should the passenger wish to make a name change from 4 days prior to the date of travel, this can only be done, if at all possible, by cancelling the travel contract under the conditions stated in 6.1 and rebooking. When changing names for the "Garden Villa" category (category H1/S1) or upper suite cabins (categories H2-H9, SA and SB) different rebooking fees per person apply analogous to the cancellation fees set out under 6.1.2.
6.3. will not be affected.

6.5 Service fees and charges for cancellations, booking changes and name changes are payable immediately.


7.1 Cancellation prior to the date of travel
Should travel be largely hindered, endangered or affected due to a force majeure event (e.g. through war, domestic turbulence, natural disasters, epidemic outbreaks, government authority measures, e.g. accommodation or transport embargos, ship loss or other similar incidents) which were not predictable at the time of conclusion of the contract, then both the guest and Norwegian may cancel the contract. Norwegian will refund the travel costs immediately. However, Norwegian reserves the right to charge a reasonable reimbursement for travel services already provided or still to be provided.

7.2 Cancellation after date of travel
Should the cancellation be made after the date of travel, Norwegian is obliged to take the necessary action, if possible, for return transportation. The charges for the return transport will be shared by both parties. Other additional costs will be charged to you as the traveller.


8.1 Norwegian's contractual liability is limited to three times the travel fare for damages which are not personal injuries (also liability for the violation of precontractual liabilities and duties arising out of the main contract or any additional contract), as far as the damage was not caused by intention or gross negligence, or as far as Norwegian is liable for the damage being solely caused by default of a service provider. The provisions of the Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers and Their Luggage by Sea 1974 as amended by the 2002 Protocol ('2002 Athens Convention') and EC Regulation 392/2009 apply to the cruise element as well as the process of getting on or off the ship concerned.

8.2 Damage claims against Norwegian can be restricted or ruled out according to the statutory regulations of international agreements (e. g. Montreal Convention) applying to the service performance of service providers, whereby damage claims against service providers may only be made or ruled out under certain provisions and with certain limitations. Thus Norwegian may claim e.g. that the service providers are not liable for flight, train, and bus or ship delays so that Norwegian too does not have to answer for the missed connections.

8.3 Norwegian is not liable for the accuracy of information printed in hotel and local brochures. Norwegian can neither influence their origin nor control their accuracy. Likewise, Norwegian is not liable for changes in political circumstances or entry regulations, making an entry to the country or destination difficult or impossible, provided these occur after the printing date of the brochure. In the event that changes are necessary, we will always try to advise you in advance, but this cannot be guaranteed.

8.4 Loss or damage to baggage: Loss or damage to baggage during embarkation or debarkation must be reported. You are obliged to notify Norwegian or an official agent thereof in writing. Should cabin baggage be noticeably damaged externally then you must submit written notice forthwith; at the latest by the time of debarkation. Should other baggage, which has been handled or stored by the crew, be noticeably damaged externally then the passenger must report this upon receipt of passenger's baggage. If the damage is not noticeable externally then the notice must be submitted no later than 15 days after debarkation, receipt of baggage, or date of scheduled receipt of baggage. In the case of loss or damage of checked baggage on your outbound or inbound flight, please contact the air carrier or its representative at the airport immediately upon ascertainment of damage. Guests' own carrying, storing and handling of baggage on board will always be at the guests' own risk. Any damage to cabin baggage is limited to a maximum amount of 2.250 units of account (the unit of account is the special drawing right of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The corresponding amount in Euros is determined on the basis of the applicable conversion rate of the Euro to the special drawing right of the IMF) per customer and voyage, insofar as the damage was not caused by intention or gross negligence on the part of Norwegian, or insofar as Norwegian is liable for a damage solely caused by default of a service provider. In case of loss of or damage to mobility equipment or other specific equipment that is used by a passenger with reduced mobility, Norwegian is responsible for the reasonable replacement value of the equipment concerned or, where appropriate, the costs of repair (§§ 537 et sqq. HGB in compliance with EC Regulation 392/2009).


Travel insurance is not part of the travel contract and is not included in the travel fare. Norwegian recommends the conclusion of a travel cancellation and of a travel interruption insurance. It is always in the guest's responsibility to add insurance. Norwegian does not check the extent or adequacy of the cover provided by any insurance policy. The contractual relationship is established exclusively between you and the insurance company. The passenger is solely responsible for complying with any duty arising out of the travel insurance contract and for asserting any right out of the travel insurance contract towards the travel insurance company.


Norwegian has compiled an extensive shore excursion programme for passengers, which is available exclusively from local event organizers at the relevant destinations (ports). Norwegian has no involvement in the shore excursion programme which is not managed or supervised or controlled by Norwegian in any way. The shore excursion programme is provided by local operators who are independent of Norwegian. Shore excursion operators timetable their tours to match the docking times of the ship. Shore excursions can be reserved either before the commencement of the holiday via passenger's travel agency, the Norwegian reservations department or the internet, or on board the ship at the Shore Excursion Desk and, where available, interactive touch screens, iTV or the iConcierge app. As the number of participants admitted to particular excursions is limited, it is recommended that passengers book the excursions they are interested in prior to their departure. Please note that certain shore excursions are subject to a minimum number of participants. The minimum number of participants required is mentioned in the shore excursion programme and you will be notified on board whether your shore excursion reached the minimum number of participants and will take place. Excursions will be charged to your on-board account.Pre-booked excursions are payable immediately by credit card. Norwegian expressly points out that all shore excursions (including sporting events, theatre visits, exhibitions, sightseeing tours, guided tours etc.), whether in English, German or Spanish etc. are optional. Norwegian is not liable for the services or actions of local event organizers and impairments of performance during realisation of their programmes. Norwegian acts as an agent for these third-party services purely as a service for your convenience.


Please note that the official language on board is English, and that all announcements and safety measures (emergency drills) will therefore be carried out in English. A basic knowledge of the English language is therefore necessary. A more advanced knowledge of English is to be recommended.
Norwegian makes every effort to have a multi-lingual international hostess on all ships. This guest service is intended to help passengers overcome any language barriers and assist passengers with any language-related problems a passenger may have. The international hostesses do not take on the function of tour guide. In other words, they do not look after the organizational aspects of your holiday, nor do they act as a personal travel representative. If Norwegian is unable to provide this language service on a particular cruise, please understand that this does not constitute grounds for complaint.


12.1 Remedy
Should the passenger, contrary to expectation, have reasons for complaint, the passenger can seek remedy. According to the law of warranty and the right of notice, the passenger is obliged to report the deficiency forthwith on-site to the ship's reception or an international hostess and then present Norwegian with a time limit to provide a remedy, unless remedy is impossible or is refused by Norwegian. Norwegian can offer remedy by providing an equivalent replacement service as long as this is reasonable. Should Norwegian offer the passenger a reasonable remedy then the passenger is obliged to accept it. Should the passenger refuse a reasonable offer, the passenger is no longer entitled to make warranty claims for inconveniences. Alternatively address your remedy claims directly to:
NCL (Bahamas) Ltd., Wiesbaden Office | Continental Europe Branch
Kreuzberger Ring 68
65205 Wiesbaden, Germany
Tel.: +49 611 36 07 0

If Norwegian, contrary to obligation, does not succeed in providing a remedy within a given fair time limit then you may seek your own remedy. Hostesses or responsible staff on board are not authorised to recognise any claims, they may only confirm the registration of your complaints. Should you not fulfil this duty to cooperate by actual fault, then you will not be entitled to make a claim.

12.2 Price Reduction/Termination of Contracts/Damages
In the unlikely event that a defect according to § 651c clause I BGB arises during the journey which could not be remedied, then you may ask for a price reduction. This is, however, on condition that the passenger has not defaulted on reporting this defect. In addition, according to §§ 651e, f BGB you may cancel the holiday completely or you may claim damages for non-performance.

12.3 Claims and Time Limits
Notice of any claim must be made to Norwegian within a month following the travel termination as per contract. Norwegian recommends the passenger to make the claim in writing. Limitation of claim: All travel claims (§§ 651c-f BGB) submitted to Norwegian expire after one year. Thereof are excluded contractual damage claims due to death, personal injury or damage to baggage due to a defect Norwegian is liable for or gross negligence by Norwegian or its auxiliary persons (vicarious agent). These are limited to 2 years. The limitation begins with the travel termination date as per contract (§ 651g clause II article 2 BGB). Damage claims for unlawful acts are limited to three years provided they are not subject to the German Commercial Code (HGB), Shipping Law. The said damage claims based on death, personal injury or damage to baggage, raised according to Shipping Law, are limited to 2 years.

12.4 Should you not make use of a service due to early return or for other urgent reasons, then Norwegian will try for reimbursement of these services from the service providers, unless the services are irrelevant or reimbursement is opposed by legal or official regulations. Your right to cancel due to default will remain unaffected.


Norwegian is responsible for making sure that citizens of those countries where the tour is offered are informed of passport, visa and health requirements and possible changes thereof prior to starting the journey. Norwegian may delegate this instruction to the travel agent. Citizens of other countries, should check passport, visa and any other entry requirements with the passenger's own country's embassy. In doing so, Norwegian assumes that there are no peculiarities in the passenger itself and potential fellow travellers (e.g. dual citizenship, statelessness). EU citizens require a machine-readable passport (ePassport), which must be valid for a minimum of six months beyond their return. This also applies to children and as well to holidays within Europe. ENTRY DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR CHILDREN: Children in possession of a machine-readable child's passport are entitled to enter the USA without visa, PROVIDED THAT the machine-readable child's passport has been issued or extended before October 26, 2006. Any machine-readable child's passport issued on or after October 26, 2006 does not entitle the respective holder to enter or transit the US without visa; in this case, a normal machine-readable ePass or a visa valid for the US has to be applied for the respective child. Due to European standards children`s entry in the parents' passport will not be accepted anymore as of June 26, 2012. As of this date every child requires its own travel document.
Any person under the age of 18 who is not accompanied by a parent authorised to represent him/her must have an officially certified declaration of consent of his/her legal guardian. On cruises that include a Canadian port, any person under the age of 18 who is accompanied by one parent only must have a written declaration of consent of the other parent.

Please keep in mind that the regulations governing entry may change at any time and at short notice. Passengers will find the entry regulations applying to the date of passenger's departure on the website of the Foreign Office/the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/the EDA or of the respective embassy. Our website informs you on a daily basis and your travel agency will also inform you of the respective valid provisions. We therefore ask you to check the situation for any change shortly before your departure, as obtainment and availability of the required travel documents, any required vaccination and compliance with the customs and exchange regulations is incumbent on the passenger. Any disadvantage arising out of non-compliance with the said regulations such as payment of any cancellation fees shall be borne by the passenger. It is important that the passenger familiarise themselves with the applicable customs and immigration regulations, which are listed in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of this brochure and on our website.

US law and health regulations apply on board of the Norwegian ships. Please note that due to the increased level of security, the “Online Check-In”, i.e. the mandatory guest registration with the passenger’s passport data must be provided to Norwegian, even if the passenger is not actually entering the United States. Failure to provide the requested passport data will prevent the passenger from boarding the ship. Guests should visit, complete the Online Check-In form and submit the relevant information online to Norwegian at least 4 days prior to sailing. For any further questions please contact your travel agent. For Online Check-In forms that are not completed online, Norwegian charges a service fee of EUR 10 per person. The Online Check-In does not exempt from the inspection of the guest’s travel documents by the local border police and port authorities during at the embarkation port.


14.1 Passengers under 21 years of age must be accompanied in the same or neigboring stateroom by a guest 21 years or older at the time of embarkation, who expressly agrees to be responsible for the guest under 21 years of age at the time of embarkation. Norwegian is not allowed to sell alcohol to minors. A minor is defined as an individual under 18 years of age at the time of embarkation. Guests aged 18 to 20 years have to carry along a written parental approval to be allowed to buy or consume wine and beer on board (except for sailings around Hawaii and Alaska). Guests who are 18 years of age or older are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages when sailing on round-trip voyages in Europe, South America and Australia without having to complete the Young Adult Alcoholic Beverage Waiver Form.

14.2 For safety reasons infants under the age of six months are not allowed on board. However, for voyages that have three or more consecutive days at sea, the infant must be at least 12 months old at time of sailing.

14.3 Norwegian will not accept guests who will have entered their 24th week of pregnancy by the time of their travel. A medical certificate establishing due date and fitness to travel must accompany an expectant mother's application for passage. Norwegian will not be responsible or liable for any complications of pregnancy which arise or occur during the cruise.

14.4 Any physical challenge or medical condition that requires special treatment or attention must be reported to Norwegian at the time of booking. For certain conditions we ask for liability forms. Norwegian has the right to refuse or revoke passage to anyone who, in our judgement, is in physical or mental condition unfit for cruise travel or who may require care beyond what Norwegian can provide. All physically impaired guests must be self-sufficient and should travel with a guest who will provide any assistance needed during the cruise or in the event of an emergency. Guests who use a wheelchair must provide their own small, collapsible type. Important information for guests with limited mobility about gangways and the possibility of tendering is provided in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section at our website, by the respective travel agent or our reservations department.

14.5 If, according to the judgement of the ship’s captain (in cases of physical or mental reasons in consultation with the ship’s doctor) a guest is not at all or no longer able to travel or if he/she puts at risk his/her health or security, or represents a danger to the health or security of any other person on board, the ship’s captain shall be entitled at any time to prevent the respective person from embarking or returning on board or to order the disembarkation of the respective person in a particular port.

14.6 Wearing nappies in the swimming pools or hot tubs is not allowed. People and children dependent on nappies are not allowed in these areas, not even with special swimming nappies.

14.7 If guests contract an infectious virus or bacterial illness whilst on board, the ship's doctor is permitted to confine them to their cabins for health and safety reasons.

14.8 Due to the U.S. government sanctions issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") directed towards North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Iran and Syria, cruise lines based in the United States are limited in their ability to conduct business with the aforementioned sanctioned countries and their citizens. Therefore, it is Norwegian Cruise Line's policy that if you are a citizen of those sanctioned countries you will not be able to sail on board Norwegian Cruise Line's ships, unless you can present valid documentation, demonstrating proof of citizenship in a non-sanctioned country or proof of residency in a non-sanctioned country and can pay the cruise travel fare and any on-board expenses by means of a resident bank of a non-sanctioned country.


Each ship of Norwegian is equipped with a "Medical Centre" in which a doctor and a nurse will provide you with medical care. In accordance with the U.S. Health Regulations and the International Council of Cruise Lines, each ship of Norwegian is equipped with medical supplies and common medicaments. Treatment on board can be provided, however, only to a limited extent, and consists only in primary care; in the event of any risk, the patient may leave the ship in the next port at his/her own expense. Treatment has to be paid for immediately and cannot be invoiced to your health insurance. You will receive a detailed invoice which you may submit to your health insurance company for reimbursement. The services provided by the ship's doctor are not included in the travel contract and the ship's doctor is not bound by Norwegian's instructions as far as his professional decisions are concerned.


During the booking process, passengers provide Norwegian with personal data required by the latter for the execution of the voyage. Norwegian executes your booking order by complying with the valid data protection provisions. Norwegian uses your personal data for the execution of your orders, requirements and requests as well as for the purpose of market research solely on behalf of Norwegian Cruise Line. Only in the event you did previously grant Norwegian your respective consent, Norwegian will use the said data for product-related enquiries and for marketing purposes. Norwegian draws your attention to the fact that Norwegian uses your personal data such as name, address and/or e-mail address in order to provide you from time to time with information on the Norwegian Latitudes Rewards Programme and with newsletters by e-mail and/or by regular post. Your data will be used for the sending of the said information only if you applied for them through an internet page of Norwegian. You may oppose at any time to the use of your data for the said purposes by cancelling the provision of the said information. Any personal data shall be transmitted exclusively to those companies involved in your booking. Norwegian shall not provide any third party with your data without having obtained your express consent or without being legally obliged to do so.


Please keep in mind that you need to have completed check-in on the day of embarkation at the latest two hours ahead of the departure time stated in your cruise documents. It is the guest's responsibility to keep this embarkation time in the port of embarkation. All costs incurred as a result of not boarding the ship on time at the embarkation port shall be borne by the guest. In all ports of call guests must return to the ship no less than one hour before the scheduled departure time. Please consider that shipboard and shoreside clocks may have different times, but it is the guest's responsibility to return to the ship on time so as not to miss the ship's departure. Any costs associated with transporting the guest to rejoin the ship including, but not limited to, government fees, visa fees, subsistence, lodging, air fare, car hire or agency fees shall be borne by the guest.
For your information we kindly ask you to read our "Frequently Asked Questions" section in this brochure or on our website. For further questions please contact your travel agent or our reservations department.


In compliance with the informational requirements of the Consumer Settlement Act (VSBG), Norwegian informs you that it is not participating in any consumer dispute settlement routine. However, should consumer dispute settlement become a legal requirement in the future, Norwegian will inform you about this change and introduce new routines in due course. For all travel contracts concluded electronically, guests have the possibility to resort to the existing online dispute settlement platform of the EU:


Place of jurisdiction for lawsuits against Norwegian will be Wiesbaden, Germany. Solely German law will be applicable regarding the contractual relationship between the passenger and Norwegian. The same applies to the entire legal relationship. As far as German law is not applicable to lawsuits against Norwegian abroad, concerning the tour operator's liability on the merits, solely German law applies particularly for legal consequences with regard to type, extent and the amount of the customers' claims.

NCL (Bahamas) Ltd., Wiesbaden Office
Continental Europe Branch
Kreuzberger Ring 68
65205 Wiesbaden, Germany
Tel.: +49 611 36 07 0
Domicile of the Branch Office is Wiesbaden (Local Court (Amtsgericht) Wiesbaden HRB 21772)
Permanent Branch Managers: Christian Böll, Kevin Bubolz
Legal structure of the foreign company: Exempted Company according to the law of Bermuda Register of the foreign company: Registered in Bermuda, registration no. 34680
Domicile of the foreign company: Hamilton/Bermuda
Director: Frank Del Rio
Status: April 2017 (subject to changes and misprints)

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